CyberFlix TV APK 3.2.3 Watch Movies & Series [Download For Android]

CyberFlix TV APK: Nowadays there are hundreds of options to get the latest movies and any web series to watch. But there are some issues that some streaming platforms have. They are slow and showing annoying advertisements and many more issues like this. But there is a free streaming application called Cyberflix TV.

It is one of the most popular streaming applications. Millions of people are using it and enjoying it. Because it allows you to get any latest movie and your favorite TV show. It does not contain any kind of ads. The easy and simple interface and Cyberflix TV is working smoothly without any lagging.

What is Cyberflix TV Apk?

Cyberflix TV is an android application that provides the latest movies, web series and TV shows for free. Anyone can find their desired movie and series easily.

Cyberflix TV is just a way to connect with that content. So that’s mean it is freely available for the public to access. Cyberflix TV has thousands of movies and series which you can easily access.

Play Movie/TV Series on CyberFlix TV

There are some easy steps to follow. You can easily watch your favorite shows and movies by doing a simple process. First of all, it will show you all the movies and shows on the main by default tab of Cyberflix. It can be changed from the settings.

You will see all the posters of various shows. Click on any series that you want to play. Then Cyberflix shows you all the seasons of that series and you can select any season.

Then choose the episode and click on the play button right side of the down corner. After this, it will start fetching links from trusted online sources in just a few seconds. It will organize all links with various video quality in the best way. So that you can click on any link according to video quality that you want. Then it will start playing the episode without any loading or buffering.

Download CyberFlix TV

Cyberflix TV icon
APK Name CyberFlix TV
Version v3.2.3
Installs 10,000,000+
Size 19MB
Updated 1 day ago


CyberFlix TV Screenshots


Multiple Languages: This application supports multiple languages. You can choose your native language to use this application.

Media Player: Cyberflix tv has its own inbuilt media player and that media player has pretty good features. You can control brightness and volume easily.

Subtitles: You can play any movie or tv show with subtitles. And subtitles are available in different languages. You can also change the text color and font size of subtitles.

Movies/Shows: Cyberflix TV has all the web series and movies that are available on the whole internet. It searches all the content from different online providers. You can easily find any movie/show by search box feature.

Add to Favorite: It has a favorite list feature where you can add your favorite tv shows and movies with just one click.

Poster Size: You can adjust the media poster sizes according to you.


Is it completely free to use?

Yes, As a user Cyberflix is free for you. You can access all the content for free.

Can we use Cyberflix on iPhone?

No, Right Now it is only working on android operating systems.

Why Cyberflix is slow?

It may be your internet issue. Please check your internet connection. If this didn’t work. Then please close the application and put your phone on airplane mode for a few seconds. Then enable your internet connection and re-open Cyberflix.

Final Words

Cyberflix is an amazing android application. And this is the moded version of this apk so that you will not see any advertisement. You can easily watch your favorite web series and movies for free. I personally use this application and I was amazed. You should also try this and get a cool experience.